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With minimal requirements and few restrictions, limited by shares companies are widely regarded as the simplest form of company to operate. A Limited by Shares Company is a legal entity in its own right which limits your liability as a director. Quite simply, your risk is reduced to the money you have invested in the company and any unpaid shares you currently own. The benefits of setting up a Limited by Shares Company extend far beyond keeping your personal possessions secure.

Companies House hold a publicly available archive covering an array of information on all Limited companies including current directorships, company accounts and the registered office address. Your limited company will therefore have a degree of transparency that can offer assurances to your customers or investors.

Your potential financial gain when opting for starting up a Limited by Shares Company can also be clearly defined by the taxation benefits. Limited Companies are taxed on their profits at a lower rate than you would be paying on your personal earnings as a sole trader. There are also several opportunities as a Limited Company to claim tax back and you can find out more from your accountant.

Few restrictions are placed on the registration on a Limited by Shares Company and the minimal criteria is as follows.

  • At least one director must be appointed (The director needs to be aged 16 or over)
  • The company must have a Registered Office in the UK (Several companies provide this service)
  • The company must have at least 1 share issued at the time of incorporation
  • The company name must comply with Government regulations (This should not be intimidating as it sounds, please contact us if you want to discuss this)

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